M.O.L.I.E. Meets Canvas and the Open Web

It’s official!!!!  CTE&I received a $10,000 grant and has entered the ranks of an ‘elite company of Canvas 2015 Grant Winners‘!

Quest-based learning, game theory, and game elements are the pedagogical drivers that will be used to break predictive online learning and will be infused into a faculty development Multimedia Online Learning Immersive Environment (M.O.L.I.E.).   Can you say EPIC?

Here’s the scoop – Project Grant Summary

Canvas showed UMW the money – “a full commitment is what they’re thinking of.”  We are building our “Field of Dreams” so you can experience the power of learning in a M.O.L.I.E.!

1) A shout out to Tim Owens, our ‘Chief Hack’  He will be utilizing the page building plugin and developing custom modules that make use of Canvas APIs creating interfaces that allow for easy integration of Canvas material and tools within a self-hosted WordPress site.

2) Looking to transform faculty development? The creation of a faculty development Multimedia Online Learning Immersive Environment (M.O.L.I.E.) is designed to transform pedagogical practice; quest-based learning, game theory and game elements are seamlessly integrated into a compelling narrative to …….  (I can’t say as that would ruin the story).

We are well underway in our story development! A forthcoming trailer? Embedded clues? Meet characters you won’t soon forget. You’ll have to stay tuned!


Dig deeper into “M.O.L.I.E. Meets Canvas and the Open Web” grant submission website and meet the design team!


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