Game Based Learning


How it began….

One interest area of mine is gaming (first person shooters, MMOs, board games, game design, game theory, augmented reality, faculty development, you get the idea…..). I have to credit my son, Christopher, as he was the one who first introduced and encouraged me to join him in playing various online games. I was such a noob but quickly became hooked. In fact at that time I was one of the Top 100 Players on the Diablo Leader Board – I was hardcore!

Over the years I have played a wide range of MMOs but I have to credit 21CW as my longtime home and gaming community for all things Battlefield (Desert Combat, BF2, BF3, and now BF4). 21CW is an international community of players who love competition (campaigns) but also collaboration. I joined the ranks as a private and worked my way up the military hierarchy to General in Campaign 15. What a hard fought campaign that was! It was through a flattened hierarchy that I was able to shape my army (100 strong) to come together in a unique structure that empowered Captains and soldiers to work together and defeat the Coalition and claim ‘first female General to win a Campaign.’

My experiences in 21CW shaped and informed my gaming experiences and served as my jumping off point to engage in research directly related to MMOs and faculty development. 

Faculty Development and Scholarship

Gotland Game and Education Summit

Mystery of The Devil Goat