Character Quests – Digital Story Map Assignment

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Viking, then always be a Viking.”

Student Story Maps

Maren’s Story


A Hero’s Journey

Nate the Great

Norzak Skullhurmp

This individual project is designed to:

  1. Engage you in the process of character development and perspective taking. Central to this experience is the customization of your FunkoPOP!
  2. Develop your digital literacies: a) creation of digital media/images that includes along the way (Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, and Visby/Gotland Island) from your characters point of view.
  3. Allow for inspiration and creativity through the creation of a creative/original story. You original story should be embedded in a strong location based narrative.


(1) Original/Creative Story

Typically a story has five basic but important elements. These five components: character(s), setting, plot, conflict, and resolution. Thinking of a Hero’s Quest? Check out this helpful resource.

(2) Digital Literacies – Three Components

  • Individually create digital media/images that places your character into a place, situation, context, etc. Have fun!
  • Individually share out on social media sites your character/place  images. Geographical locations include: Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, and Gotland and anywhere in between. Use #vikingquests
  • Create your story map.

(3) Customize Your Character

Free and creative control is yours! It would be great if you took some pictures along the way to document your process and consider sharing.

Character Development – Helpful Information, Resources, and Links