Digital Scholars Institute

Lately I have been thinking about the creation of a Digital Scholars Institute (DSI) at University of Mary Washington. I along with Jim Groom find ourselves energized about the possibilities! Last year I joined up with the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies to create an opportunity for 30 faculty to explore digital scholarship and to develop their own online identity through the Domain of One’s Own Faculty university-wide Initiative.

One take away from this initiative was, ‘what next?’ How could faculty be provided support to engage in a more ‘scholarly’ focus on the role of digital scholarship within their particular context? What would that support look like? How does the role of digital pedagogy inform teaching and learning? In what ways does engagement with digital scholarship support or hinder ones professional journey? Faculty data from the DoOO captured the powerful role faculty discussions played within cohorts. I am curious to explore how and in what ways do faculty engaged in digital scholarship inform the work. The creation of the DSI is an opportunity for UMW faculty to come together and engage in digital scholarship and create a model for the DSI to support and respond to their self-identified professional needs and digital scholarship.

Currently, Drs. Betsy Lewis and Sue Fernsebner (both Innovative Digital Pedagogy Fellowship Award winners – Spring 2013) are serving as key members of the DSI planning team along with Jim Groom and myself. We have meet twice and have tentatively fleshed out a ‘creation’ process and plan to bring together 10 faculty and engage in the pilot study of the DSI.

Ten faculty invites went out and all are IN! Visit digital for more information.