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R U a Buccaneer Scholar?

I have a love of pirates and years ago came across Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar: How self-education and the pursuit of passion can lead to a lifetime of success. Bach’s stance on ‘school for education’ versus  ‘learning’ has stayed with me over the years. Below follows key characteristics of a Buccaneer Scholar:

  • “fundamental requirement is that you take responsibility for your own thinking and learning. You construct yourself.”
  • “not limited by the boundaries of traditional disciplines.”
  • “rethink the labels, forms, and rituals of life – remix them and make them our own.”
  • “develop an original point of view – unique solutions to thorny problems.”
  • “adapt quickly and master strange new ideas – excel at rapid research.”
  • “curiosity drive you, puzzles intrigue you, complexity dares you.”

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