Learning and Questing

"Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate"
“Work Like a Captain,
Play Like a Pirate”

I care deeply about teaching and learning; my professional journey has informed and shaped the ways I explore, engage, and construct opportunities for meaningful learning experiences and faculty development. Students’ learning experiences are central to my work and I advocate for their voices to be included in the teaching and learning process.

Empowerment is central to my work with students and faculty.

Currently, I am the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation and teach “Part Play, Part Game: Gamers and Games” an Honors Freshmen Seminar at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I bring over 14 years of higher education teaching and teacher/faculty development experience. I have taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level courses, conveying the breadth and range of my areas of expertise; social justice, game based learning, action research, critical pedagogy, epistemology, assessment, and technology integration. I am passionate about designing meaningful learning experiences for faculty and students alike that support adult development, content mastery, and pedagogical expertise.


This photograph inspires me and reminds me of the journeys I have taken (and will continue to take) in my development as a committed and caring teacher. Like many educators I hold a deep sense of hope – for our students, schools, profession, and society.

Often times, when I am faced with opportunities, challenges, or change there is often a ‘wall’ (real or perceived) that stands prominently in front of any new endeavor.  In my own development and with my work with students and faculty I have found that ‘walls’ can take many forms (assumptions, fears, resistance, lack of resources, etc.) which can hinder us from moving forward to take action.  However, upon careful examination ‘walls’ can have cracks, crevasses, and openings that can create opportunities for growth and deepened understandings, if we are willing to look.  At times these opportunities and challenges can appear to be daunting and messy which calls for a willingness to take risks, engage in reflection, and seek out alternative perspectives; what was perceived as unmovable – moves.

It is through this process of ‘unlearning and learning’ (Wink) that I have come to appreciate the complexities, challenges and power of meaningful learning experiences for myself, students, and faculty.  I welcome you to explore my website to learn more about me as I strive to create rich learning experiences to support student and faculty development.  It is my hope to infuse a broader vision of learning for students and faculty to empower self-authoring learners willing to take risks and make a difference in classrooms, schools, communities, and society.