Empowered Learning

The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
~ Parker

In what ways do I engage faculty in meaningful professional learning?

Based upon my experiences this is what I have found to work:

  • Meeting faculty where they are is essential in building meaningful relationships.
  • Interdisciplinary cohorts over time serve as a model for collaboration, cross-fertilization of ideas, sharing of expertise, and curricular integration.
  • Trusting in my faculty’s pedagogical dreams of meaningful engagement.

Faculty Examples

Domain of One’s Own

Digital Scholars Institute

Inquire and Inspire Grant

Student Examples

We need to trust our students enough to own their learning and to construct their own understandings.  Student engagement is essential in learning. My pedagogy strives to craft pathways for student ownership.  The heart of my pedagogy is transformational learning!

What works?

  • Scaffold learning over the course of the semester.
  • Create moments of surprise and fun!
  • Create a partnership in the teaching and learning process by actively and regularly seeking their insights and experiences.
  • Allow students to tap into their strengths and challenge them to move out of their comfort zones in a supportive classroom environment.
  • Engage in meta conversations about pedagogical choices and integrate opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and development as a learner.

Part Play, Part Game


UMW in Wales

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UMW in Sweden