The Bond


M.O.L.I.E. sits at the crossroads of collateral learning, creating course synergy around gameplay and opportunities for reflection. M.O.L.I.E. taps into the power of storytelling while drawing upon open source tools and materials by forging new virtual pathways to energize learners and breakthrough current predictive LMS online learning pedagogy.

Game-based learning theory, game elements, and learning quests are integral pedagogical drivers that support the alignment and integration of four elements: 1) learning goals, 2) learning activities, 3) feedback and evaluation, and 4) an embedded compelling narrative creating an immersive learning experience.

Placing learners in a M.O.L.I.E. can create a more realistic and engaging environment to develop capacities and retain knowledge that is closer aligned to the expectations of future employers. Jobs will require problem solving and critical thinking skills in dynamic environments that are subject to change. Affording learners a certain amount of autonomy is a necessary element for engagement.


  • The Bond (M.O.L.I.E.) is an immersive faculty development model designed to transform faculty pedagogical practice, drawing upon constructivist and social practice theories of learning. This model provides faculty support (virtual and face-to-face) to more deeply explore responsive pedagogy. The role of the instructor shifts towards a ‘facilitator’ or ‘designer’ of learning experiences to create a social environment in which learners learn from and with each other.


  • UMW Hub is an immersive student development model that merges technology with cutting edge understanding of adult intellectual development, digital identity, game theory, and writing portfolio pedagogy to revolutionize the undergraduate environment. Designed to support students from their first year to completion of their studies, their four years of engagement with UMW Hub encourages students to be aware of themselves as learners in a socially-networked world, prepared to leave UMW with a crafted digital presence and e-portfolio documenting their undergraduate accomplishments. Building upon the central importance of narrative (storytelling) for deep learning and self-development, UMW Hub scaffolds opportunities for active construction of meaning and meaningful relationships to self, to others, and to disciplinary knowledge.


The Bond - Visual Storyboard (Draft 1)-2

MUCRO Commercial / Trailer

Opens with MUCRO logo

Cuts to a person sitting in a chair with futuristic eye covers/patches covering both eyes. Hand reach out and take the coverings off slowly to reveal all white eyes. The patients continues to stare into space as if the patches are still covering her eyes. Slowly her eyes begin to change from all white back to her normal eye color. At the last moment of transition she blinks then slowly turns and looks at the doctor.

Doctor: How do you feel?

Patient: I feel perfect. (said in a very soft and controlled manner)
(Close up) The doctor places his hand on the patient’s hand

Doctor: The bond has formed beautifully (Patient softly smiles)

(White text on black background fades in and fades out) FORM THE BOND
Closes with MUCRO logo